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UTAS strives to support its customers throughout our broad product range – demolition, site preparation, road construction, pumps, warehouse handling solutions, generators, rock drilling and quarry equipment and tools

We focus on the service so our customers can focus on their business. And the result maximizes your productivity.




To ensure your equipment remains working, two things are needed: a good preventive maintenance schedule and a strict, genuine parts policy. UTAS only uses Genuine Parts which is paramount as what the customer receives is a quality product. This in turn means reliability, availability and high productivity, which is an important to your profitability.



UTAS strives to maintain a long healthy working relationship with our customers andoffers several levels of service agreements to meet the requirements of your operation and to secure your productivity. Our service agreements and maintenance schedules are focused on proactive/preventative and planned maintenance to minimize unplanned downtime, maintain continued productivity and guarantee long term survival of your equipment. We support maintenance within our full inventory of components, accessories, and tools.‘The best way of taking care of your interest is by taking the best care of your equipment’.


We provide the very best training as part of our customer service, and appreciate the difference between operators who already have expertise with our equipment from those who need additional training.