Trailer (600 / 1.200 kg)
Robust E-frame


Lift (standard mast)from 20 to 62 mm

Capacity / loadfrom 0,60 to 1,20 t
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Product Description

Basic characteristics

  • Ergonomic operation
  • Clean and fast lifting with electro-hydraulic lift
  • High energy efficiency with electrical connection (GTE 312)
  • High level of directional stability due to central axle

More characteristics

Our E-frame trailers guarantee the flexible, economical transporting of loads of up to 1200 kg weight per trailer. These can be connected as required so that loading and unloading is possible from both sides. The central axle ensures optimum directional stability even with long trains and in confined spaces.
The simple, ergonomic loading of the trolleys into the trailers can be done mechanically (GTE 106), via hydraulic lift (GTE 212) or via electrohydraulic lift (GTE 312). When loading, the load is pushed into the trailer on a trolley and mechanically locked in place. The lock is simply released for energy-conserving and space-saving unloading.
The electrically (GTE 312) connected trailers offer the best conditions for easy, reliable and clean operation. A high level of energy efficiency is guaranteed by the energy conversion directly in the trailer.

Advantages in overview

  • Electrical connection for trailers (GTE 312)
  • Optimum ergonomics for efficient work
  • GTE 106: mechanical trailer
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Robust construction
  • Reduced costs due to energy-efficient operation (GTE 312)

Advantages in detail

Electrical connection for trailers (GTE 312)

  • High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Fast, quiet lifting and lowering.
  • Easy and clean connection.
  • Easy separation via an electrical connector.
  • No additional power unit required in the tow tractor.
  • Low energy consumption.

Comfortable and safe operation

  • Lifting and lowering of all trailers (GTE 212/312).
  • Lifting and lowering of single trailers (GTE 106, optional on GTE 312).

Optimum ergonomics for efficient work

  • Lift status displayed via lights (optional for GTE 312).
  • Loading/unloading on both sides by recoupling the trailers possible.
  • Simple coupling system for connecting the trailers.

Robust construction

  • Frame manufactured from high quality steel.
  • Suitable for load aids in the sizes 800×1200 mm and 1000×1200 mm.
  • Suitable trolleys also available in these sizes.

GTE 106: mechanical trailer
The GTE 106 offers with an easy, mechanical technique many advantages:

  • With rolls inside the trailer and ramps on the trolley the load is lifted free from the ground. Operation without energy from the tow tractor.
  • Up to 600 kg load (advised).

Reduced costs due to energy-efficient operation (GTE 312)

  • Reduced energy consumption due to separate lifting/lowering of individual trailers (optional). Trailers with loads which are not moved remain raised.
  • The conversion of the energy directly in the trailer minimises losses and ensures optimum energy utilisation.