Electric three-wheel counterbalance truck with twin-coupled rear wheels (1.000 / 1.250 / 1.500 kg)
Compact, three-phase AC rear-wheel drive fork lift truck


Lift (standard mast)from 2300 to 6500

mmCapacity / loadfrom 1,00 to 1,50 t
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Product Description

Basic characteristics

  • Maximum performance with lowest energy consumption
  • Spacious work area
  • Processor-controlled AC electronics which can be updated
  • Only 990 mm wide for block stacking
  • SOLO- or MULTI-PILOT control lever (optional)

More characteristics

Rear-wheel drive, compact design, high performance data, and optimum ergonomic working conditions. These are the strengths of the Jungheinrich electric three-wheel trucks EFG 110k/110-115. Advantages: Manoeuvrability, optimum performance working inside HGVs, containers and wagons gives a high level of operator comfort.
This begins with the low entry height of just 520 mm. The operator enters easily and securely onto the operator station. The adjustable steering column and the threeway adjustable comfort seat offer individual adjustments for all operators.
The comfort high roof has a height of 2090 mm and offers superior headroom (‘container roof’ with a height of 1970 mm is available as an option). Excellent all-round visibility enhances safety; the ergonomically positioned hydraulic levers to the right of the driver’s seat with the SOLO-PILOT (lifting/lowering, change in direction of travel and horn in one lever) fit easily to hand. The comfort display is configured for viewing when looking in the direction of the forks. Using clear text displays, it provides data on operating hours and the battery charge (including lift cut-out) and stores all the relevant service data.
With low steering / lever positioning forces and a conventional accelerator / brake pedal configuration, the power generated by the 3-phase AC motor, encapsulated as per IP 54, is easily transformed into dynamic, smooth acceleration. For use both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages in overview

  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Innovative motor technology
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Innovative steering and safety technology
  • High residual capacity
  • Performance enhancing workstation
  • Economic driving and lifting
  • 3-phase AC motors

Advantages in detail

Outstanding price/performance ratio
First-class design of operator seat, high performance data and low life-cycle costs give an outstanding price/performance ratio.

High residual capacity
Full rated capacity up to 4500 mm (EFG 115) or 5000 mm (EFG 110k/110/113) can be achieved. This is due to excellent stability safety.

Innovative motor technology
Drive and lift motor with AC technology and excellent heat economics (no ventilator required).

Performance enhancing workstation

  • Standard comfort high roof for superior headroom.
  • Clear view: mast and fork carriage allow for excellent visibility.
  • Comfortable operation of direction and hydraulics by SOLO-PILOT or MULTIPILOT (optional).
  • Low effort hydraulic power steering (5,2 turns for 180º angle of lock).

Reduced maintenance

  • Single-piece metal cover ensures quick and easy access to the battery compartment.
    Maintenance and wear-free motors in AC technology.
  • Dirt, dampness and water-resistant motors due to encapsulated design and electronic components complying to IP 54.
  • Prolonged service intervals: only every 1000 operating hours or every 12 months.
  • Hydraulic steering with fully encapsulated cog-wheel system.

Economic driving and lifting

  • AC technology ensures optimum performance.
  • Energy regeneration system.
  • Omission of motor ventilators.
  • Significantly prolonged work cycles, increasing charging intervals.
  • Progressive lowering brake valve allows equal lowering speed with and without load.

Innovative steering and safety technology

  • Impulse ac technology steering allows sensitive driving.
  • Programmable performance parameter ensure flexibility.
  • 5 selectable drive programs (optional)
  • Jungheinrich Curve Control reduces speed depending on the steering angle (optional).
The SOLO-PILOT (standard equipment) combines the functions lifting/lowering, direction switch and horn in one control lever. The additional functions forward/ backward tilting, sideshift (optional) and supplementary hydraulic (optional) can be operated with addition levers situated directly next to the SOLO-PILOT.


The MULTI-PILOT (optional) combines all drive and hydraulic functions in one central control lever. All control commands can easily be selected without having to move the hand. The hand rests easily on the ergonomically optimised handle. MULTI-PILOT even enables several hydraulic functions to be controlled at the same time.


3-phase AC motors
Fully closed 3-phase AC motors – brushless – are the main component of the maintenance-free drive. They are resistant to dust, dirt and damp. The temperature control protects the motors from overheating by constantly adjusting the performance.