Air-over-the-fence service for compressed air or gas

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Product Description

Contract Air: Air-over-the-fence service for compressed air or gas

Contract Air is an Atlas Copco service which provides you with the required amount of compressed air (gas) at specified pressure, dew point, purity, etc. The package includes compressed air equipment, ancillaries, installation, full maintenance, repairs, spare parts and annual audits. You don’t need to invest in equipment; simply outsource your compressed air (gas) needs to Atlas Copco. The regular fee is related to the consumed compressed air. If you want to use equipment without ownership and have no worries about technical obsolescence, maintenance and repairs then our Contract Air service is the right formula for you. It is also an excellent solution to bypass capital budgeting restraints.

Customer benefits

  • No investments needed – You only have your operational costs.
  • Compressed air cost matches consumption – You only pay for the compressed air that you consume.
  • Zero worries – Uptime of equipment, compressed air quality and energy efficiency are contractually guaranteed.
  • Transparent compressed air costs – No unexpected breakdown costs and stock of spare parts.
  • Flexibility – Variety of payment options; flexible contract durations; possibility to buy-in existing compressors; more equipment can be added when your demand for compressed air increases.