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Handle type: Wing nut | Connection thread BSP: 0.25 inch | Bore D: 9,50 mm | L: 50 mm | H: 41 mm | Air flow (0.2 bar ∆P): 15 l/s | Air flow (0.5 bar ∆P): 24 l/s | Air flow (3 psi ∆P): 32 cfm | Air flow (7 psi ∆P): 51 cfm

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Product Description

BAL 08 : Ball valves

The Atlas Copco valves, BAL and BAL-1A, are both suitable for air, water and many other liquids and gases due to the choice of material. The BAL valves can be used in all settings between fully open and fully closed.

Features & benefits

  • Silicone free, can be used in spray painting environments
  • BAL with nitrile rubber seals
  • Maximum through flow with full bore to DIN standards for low pressure drop
  • Housing and ball made of chrome-plated hot-stamped MS 58 brass for rough use
  • Handles made of enamelled aluminum to withstand rough handling
  • BAL with wing nut handle type for limited spaces